Monday, December 12, 2011

Description of the Miller

-The Miller's appearance is that he is a huge guy, and not only is he huge, but he is very strong. He wore a sword and had a butler on his side. He had a long red beard, and had a wort on his nose that grew hair. His nostrils were very wide. He wore a white coat, and a blue hood. I'm thinking he is Irish.
-I think that the Miller is Irish, and Irish men like to drink. He has many stories of the bar that he can tell you, which means he has done some bad things there. He is big boned and strong, but it says he has a wart on his nose that grows red hairs, so i would say he isn't to pleasant to look at. He steals grain, so he isn't very trustworthy. But he is good at his profession because he can feel it and know.
-I don't think the narrator thinks to highly of him because he lets us know that he rips people off and has many filthy tavern stories, that doesn't look to good on him because it tells you he likes to drink a lot and has done some bad things.

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