Thursday, December 8, 2011

Description of the Parson

-I think the Parson's appearance would be that he is very modestly dressed, it doesnt say much about what he is wearing so i would say inmy opinion it is probably something like a long black cloak.
-I think that the Parson is a very holy man. He hated cursing with a passion. In my opinion i like him, and i think that he is a good man. The things he taught, he follwed them first. Meaning if he told you to do something that was right, he did it as it was right and if he said something was wrong, he didnt do it and taught it like it was wrong.
-I think the narrator really likes the Parson, he brags on him and speaks very highly of him. He says i think there never was a better priest. The narrator thinks that he is better than the monk and that he shouldnt have to follow the orders of the monk. He doesnt say anything negative, at all about the Parson.

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