Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Description of the Summoner

-I think the Summoners appearance is he is not a handsome man and has a lot of big pimples on his face, it is knotty and probably greasy and dirty. He black scabby eye brows, and a thin beard. i would say he is just not a clean person, and kind of gross.
-I think the Summoner tries to do many things, but he just isn't good at them. He was a baligerant drunk, because it says he would shout and jabber as if he was crazy. I don't think he is too smart because it says, had you tried to test his wits and grope, for more you'd have found nothing in the bag. But he is a noble rascal, and kind at times. It says you would meet none better if you went to find one.
-I think the narrator's opinion is that the Summoner is kind of gross and he is drunk. But at the same time he is kind and you wouldn't find a better one if you tried. He explains what he likes to eat, which is onions garlic and leeks, so he is kind of portraying that he stinks.

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